Preacher Episode 6 – Sundowner

Finally it gets interesting! Continuing directly from where we left off last week we are back with DeBlanc and Fiore laying it all out for Jesse to hear. To be fair it does all sound a little preposterous, especially the coffee tin home for Genesis. If this is all sounding a bit far fetched to Jesse it is about to be shown to him in a dramatic way!

A small, unsuspecting woman, prim and proper looking walks into the diner, then back out again. Fiore notices and they both follow her out to her car where they tussle.

DeBlanc and Fiore against petite woman, who is actually a Seraphim. Both trying to get what’s inside Jesse (which we now know is called Genesis, the illegitimate offspring of a Demon-Angel coupling). Jesse goes out to stop the angels fighting what he thinks is a woman, but ends up being strangled by the little lady. Fiore decides to do things his own way and shoots her in the head. Jesse is obviously shocked (and covered in blood). The angels on the other hand seem to be fine with it, and the reason soon becomes clear when the Seraphim re-invigorates back in the diner (think reappear or respawn).

This leads to the best scene in this episode, they all escape from the Seraphim back to their motel, the titular Sundowner Motel. Unfortunately the Seraphim also manages to make it back to the motel and that is where the chaos begins. A huge fight ensues with┬áthe angels re-invigorating over and over again. This is inventive and humourous action of the highest order and there is a moment early on where the viewers vantage point it blocked and when it clears the bodies have started to pile up in a big way. Jesse and the angels have come to the point where they need to capture the Seraphim rather than just kill it and have almost managed to when who should arrive but Cassidy. Now, not having taken part in the previous struggles Cassidy isn’t to know that they are trying to capture the Seraphim so he just wades in there and shoots it in the head, negating all their hard work up to that point.

Tulip introduces herself to Emily and not in a good, normal way. Tulip is making friends with more people, by mistake, just like with Cassidy (but without the sex and blood!). After some calming down Tulip offers to help Emily with her church chores, although this undoubtedly has another motive in getting back at Jesse.

After the angel-bloodbath Cassidy and Jesse are needing to clean up and this leads to a self-styled Pulp Fiction scene between the two. Both in their undies, just chilling and waiting for their clothes to be clean. This is an excellent little nugget of show; funny, absurd, charming and, if you know why they are there, bloody.

Everyone seems to be telling Jesse that he needs to give up Genesis, which he doesn’t seem to think should be the case and will only make him want to keep it even more.

Cassidy finds out about Tulip and Jesse and their history and is genuinely heartbroken, a rare moment of honest emotion from him.

At last Eugene is making friends, although Eugene attributes this to Preacher’s using his powers to make Mrs Loach forgive him for Tracey. Before the Sunday sermon Eugene asks Preacher to take it back, to reverse what his powers have changed as he believes that it wasn’t God’s will that changed things for him. Preacher doesn’t want to as he believes that he is doing good but Eugene doesn’t let up and eventually Preacher loses control and tells him to go to Hell, unfortunately in his Divine Voice. Which Eugene does!

A much better episode this week, more action, more happening and more of the supernatural. Eugene’s banishment to Hell also, points to his return as something more than a damaged, religious schoolboy and a future enemy of Preacher.

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