Preacher Episode 7 – He Gone

It’s been really nice the last couple of episodes just carrying on exactly where it left off. Makes you feel that you haven’t missed anything, nothing has been skipped. This is particularly important for this episode as at the end of the last episode Jesse told Eugene, via Genesis, to “Go to Hell”, which he then did.

Picking up exactly there, Jesse is slightly in shock, the absence of Eugene and the gently floating down sermon sheet. It takes Jesse a while to come to terms with what has happened to the point that he almost looks remorseful but then something changes, something snaps and that concern for Eugene is gone, the guilt is washed away.

Something has gone seriously wrong with Odin Quincannon after his brush with Genesis. At first he was pliable to the will of Jesse and his heavenly power, but then with the shootings and now with Odin back listening to his cattle slaughter he seems to be right back where he was beforehand. Is Odin immune? Or has it just worn off?

Flashbacks this week were about the beginning of Jesse and Tulip’s friendship, how they became so close. Jesse’s dad decides that he needs Tulip out of his house which doesn’t go down well with Jesse as he finds out when the Family Services turn up to take Tulip. Jesse rashly prays to God to look after Tulip. And to kill his dad and send him to hell!

It appears that Cassidy was present when Jesse used his power on Eugene, and saw his reaction and his change in behaviour since. Jesse appears not to be too bothered by this and goes about his daily business. Just to make things worse for Cassidy, Tulip turns up and they have a heated discussion about Jesse. It seems that Cassidy is being shut out of the Jesse/Tulip/Emily collective.

Odin turns up at Jesse’s and tells him that he has come for Jesse’s signature on the deeds to the church, as was agreed when Jesse was persuading Odin to come to church. Jesse flat out rejects this as the case and send Odin packing, which Odin promising that he’ll be back. With support!

The great sit down meal that Tulip has cooked turns out to be a stinker, everyone is definitely not in the mood for a lovely evening of food and conversation! As usual Tulip doesn’t beat around the bush and comes straight out and asks Jesse what’s wrong, to which Jesse, in denial, says nothing. Sheriff Root turns up, looking for Eugene as he told his dad that he was going to see Preacher before church and hadn’t been seen since. Jesse lies and says that he never saw him that morning but he gets caught in a lie when Emily says that he did see him. An awkward moment follows with Jesse struggling to answer when Emily steps in and says that she saw Eugene leaving, taking the heat off of Jesse.

The other free-speaker, Cassidy, takes Jesse aside to pretty much tell him that he is being an arse and then comes clean by showing him his “vampire in the sun” trick, supposedly exposing his vampire-ness.


Cassidy in the sun

As Jesse returns to the inside Tulip asks him about Cassidy and when it is clear that Jesse has sent him away, Tulip storms out criticising Jesse for alienating his friends.

In the most powerful flashback of the show we see Preacher’s dad waking him up and telling him to hide under the bed. Some men break the door down and beat up his dad. It cuts to the outside with both Jesse and his dad on their knees with Jesse’s dad with a gun to his head. He tries to tell Jesse to be a good person before he is executed.

Cut back to Jesse frantically breaking floorboards and digging in the dirt under the church at the spot where Eugene vanished. Not the best way to get to Hell I don’t think.

Then there is a posse coming through the night towards the church. Lots and lots of QM&P people come to take the church and land from Jesse as per his wager with Odin Quincannon.

This week Jesse has really been struggling with his power. And to be fair, it’s not all gone as he hoped it would but he is still resistant to letting Genesis go, as you would if you were blessed with the power of a heavenly being. Tulip is basically a good person, but she just doesn’t know how to do that properly, her heart is in the right place but her methods are waaaay off. Cassidy seems to be growing a conscience, who would have thought that it would be the vampire that was the moral high ground this week! Just goes to show that anything can happen. Wonder what will happen next week…..

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