Raging Bull

So, Raging Bull. It’s been sitting on my DVD shelves, in various houses for the last 10 years at least (I think it was the 25th Anniversary Edition), and was it worth the wait?
I guess I’m more used to modern cinema pacing as this seemed a little slow to me, lacked any real depth during a large part of the film and didn’t really show the supposed slow deterioration of the Champ.
You get a bit of the change in behaviour, lack of trust in his family and friends but then it just jumps to the future and he’s an older drop out, no longer the champ, just a chump.
Robert De Niro does put in a good performance as Jake. The fight scenes are really good, but I wasn’t drawn into the bond between the main characters. Joe Pesci is the same character as always, which he plays well, but I didn’t really believe the family bond, nor the fateful bond between Jake and Vicky.
So, I’m glad that I’ve seen it and scored it off my list of films to see but it doesn’t go down as a classic in my books unfortunately.

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