Rival Sons – Hollow Bones

Rival Sons provide a healthy amount of guitar with a sprinkle of blues, 70’s style rock vocals in a “nearly losing my voice”  kind of way. Remind me a bit of Led Zeppelin’s lead singer.

Black Coffee got my foot tapping and head nodding along. The Hollow Bones (Pts 1 & 2) both hit the right notes, bringing the levels up. There are a couple of slower, more ballad-y songs, Fade Out and All That I Want, the latter being the song that closes this album off. Both make no mistake this is definitely a Rival Sons album through and through.

I’ve found myself being drawn more to bands who play a blues based rock sound and Rival Sons are right up there with The White Stripes/Jack White/The Dead Weathers. I don’t think they can quite compete with The Black Keys quite yet but they are getting there.
All in all a very good album, bringing more of the same bluesy-rock sound that they are famous for and it was all over far too soon with only 9 tracks which prompted me to press play again!

A solid 7.5/10

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