Steve Jobs 2

In only showing you the moments before going on stage to present and unveil his latest creations, this shouldn’t be as exciting and intriguing as it actually is. The premise sounds pretty lame but thankfully, due to the superb acting and a thoroughly good script, it works. And it works very well.

Michael Fassbender is captivating as the aforementioned Apple guru (before he really was the head honcho), but what we see isn’t all happiness, light and good karma as he initially comes across as a bit of an arse; self centred, concerned about his own way and not giving a damn about anyone else’s opinions, focussed only on getting things done his way and only his way. He is obviously immensely proud and confident in his own ability to shape and change the world and at the same time he is remarkably resistant to anyone else’s suggestions and pressures.

With a strong supporting cast of Kate Winslet (who I didn’t recognise until about halfway through!), Michael Stuhlbarg, Seth Rogan (who is really great as Steve Wozniak, a totally different role for him), Katherine Waterston and Jeff Daniels. Everyone really adds something to the screen every time that they are present, providing impetus to the story or elevating the situation. On top of this, the dialogue is just superb and the interactions are realistic and range from cosy to caustic.

Credit must go to Danny Boyle for putting this film together in such a way that it entices and draws you in. I was waiting for something to occur, some big event after the build up and then I realised that I was half way through the film. I was hooked into this guy’s life playing out on the screen and, knowing something about his path, these insights behind the scenes were fantastic.

The only downside I had with this film was it got a bit confusing when some flashbacks are added part way through. But by the end, they are handled a bit better (or you are more aware of them occurring/their importance), however initially they are a bit disorienting as they utilise a very quick cut from present to past and back again, so fast you almost don’t realise that it WAS a flashback.

I can’t speak highly enough of Fassbender’s performance. He is in complete control and has people eating out of his hand, doing precisely what he wants so that the path they follow is always his. Visionary, genius, guru – they all seem to apply to this guy who has shifted so much in the world of technology and it is encapsulated well in this film.

Steve Jobs (the film not the man) is available on Netflix (UK) right now. There is no reason for you not to watch this film. A worth addition to Danny Boyle’s filmography, and another feather in Michael Fassbender’s ever growing cap!


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2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs

  • Jason

    Nice review. I personally loved this movie. It was well-directed, sharply written, and solidly acted, especially from Fassbender and (surprisingly) from Rogen.

    • Gavin McHugh Post author

      I loved Seth Rogan’s performance in this. And totally out of character for him, it was great! Totally agree with everything you say.