After watching Haute Tension the other day I felt that I couldn’t put it off any longer. This film kept staring at me out of the list, especially as after watching it earlier in the year it has remained one of my favourite films in 2017. Raw¬†shows us the developing […]

#MonthOfSpooks – Raw

Another of the really old films to make it onto my list, we have The Cabinet of Dr Caligari from waaaay back in 1920. Once again, just like Nosferatu, we are in silent film mode, speech and plot are shown on placards and there is an almost constant score being […]

#MonthOfSpooks – The Cabinet of Dr Caligari

This is the first of two female centric, French horror films that I plan on watching this month (I couldn’t let the opportunity to rewatch Raw pass!) but how did it fare? Haute Tension (Or Switchblade Romance as it was renamed for the UK) is my favourite film I’ve seen […]

#MonthOfSpooks – Haute Tension

My second John Carpenter film in this years Horror-film-fest was the 1980’s The Fog. Once again Jamie Lee Curtis has teamed up with JC for a low budget horror, although this time she isn’t the lead But low budget doesn’t mean low quality, oh no! From the opening moments, there […]

#MonthOfSpooks – The Fog

Baskin¬†follows a small but sociable group of policemen (whilst also being a bit arsehole-y) are sent to give backup to a another patrol car. Unfortunately the call emanates from a less than desirable area. Told with flashbacks and interlacing the story with previous locations it creates quite a confusing scenario […]

#MonthOfSpooks – Baskin

Based in the early days of the internet, in Pulse we find out that ghosts are using this new technology to invade the world of the living. Told via two parallel storylines, which eventually converge, we hear the plights of Kudo Michi as all of her colleague disappear one by […]

#MonthOfSpooks – Pulse (2001)

Small in scope but thorough, The Wicker Man is about an investigation by an uptight, Christian policeman in the disappearance of a young girl on a remote Scottish island called Summerisle, Unfortunately the locals on the island are fully committed to a Pagan religion that is totally incompatible with Police […]

#MonthOfSpooks – The Wicker Man

Angel Heart is a 1950’s set hard boiled crime drama, right down to saxophone theme and voice-over. This is a supernatural film-noir, just without any real scares. Mickey Rourke is surprisingly good, and actually gets better as the film progresses, as New York private investigator Harry Angel as he goes […]

#MonthOfSpooks – Angel Heart

It made sense to watch this and the Anarchy film back to back but that is all the sense that it makes. In this edition of The Purge we are introduced to Charlie Roan, a Senator and whose family was victim to a purge attack, who is battling against the […]

#MonthOfSpooks – The Purge: Election Year

The second film in The Purge family begins, as before, in the few hours before the almighty purge (A Government sanctioned, law-free crime spree – anything goes!) starts. We see people being told to “Stay Safe” and locking themselves in before the chaos kicks off. In the first Purge film […]

#MonthOfSpooks – The Purge: Anarchy