mel gibson

Directed by Jean-Francois Richet Starring: Mel Gibson, William H Macy, Erin Moriarty, Diego Luna A recovering alcoholic, ex-convict father ends up being embroiled in a deadly situation by a deal gone wrong and an accidental shooting that leaves his daughter being hunted by the remaining¬†gang members. John Link’s quiet existence […]

Blood Father Review

  A nice twist on the traditional war story, the trailer shows that we have elements of fighting and court-room drama along with a principled stand in a seemingly powerless situation.¬†Interesting to note that the IMDB entry is particularly vague about the religious aspect to this story, for whatever reason. […]

Hacksaw Ridge Trailer

This looks like a return to form for Mel Gibson, not seen him in anything decent for a while. He looks well suited to the vagrant, absent father with a history of violence (or just a penchant for being an arse). Visually it looks appealing and well made, and this […]

Blood Father Trailer