michael fassbender

Steve: Eden Lake, my arse! Slapton Quarry! Jenny: “Gated community”? Who are they so afraid of? Steve: Everyone. From the opening credits, you get a perfect example of what Eden Lake is all about: flashes of idyll and terror, serene lake images and bloody faces. That sense of a paradise […]

Eden Lake

In only showing you the moments before going on stage to present and unveil his latest creations, this shouldn’t be as exciting and intriguing as it actually is. The premise sounds pretty lame but thankfully, due to the superb acting and a thoroughly good script, it works. And it works […]

Steve Jobs

X-Men Apocalypse. Should really be far more about this than what came out. Not that I’m saying that this is a bad film. I enjoyed it, it’s just that someone as powerful as Apocalypse should maybe have done more than try to build a new city/temple. The re-imagining of the […]

X-Men Apocalypse