oats studios

The production line continues as Oats Studios releases their next short film, Zygote. With no time for build up or much exposition you are left to wonder what the hell is happening, why are the alarms blaring and who are these two people so obviously trying to hide/escape. It turns […]


Starting with what looks like actual documentary footage of the Vietnam war brings a sense of authenticity to this short and, when the story gets going, it felt to me very much like Platoon in places. With Firebase, Oats Studios and Neill Blomkamp have created another impressive short film. Firebase […]


Oats Studios is the place where Neill Blomkamp has decided to place his next work. Oats Studios is described as “We make experimental short films” and with Blomkamp in the scene it is definitely going to be some experimental ideas being thrown around. Blomkamp’s first output from Oats Studios is […]