The  Code Season 2

The Code, as shown on BBC 4, is an Australian drama television series, created and produced by Shelley Birse, that follows the lives of Ned and Jesse Banks. Following on from the first series they are facing extradition to the US to face trial in connection with various security breaches.

The story picks up with the Banks brothers about to say goodbye to their mother who has passed away. After the service they are picked up by the police where they are put under pressure to help with a current case in the hope that the extradition can be waived. Jesse is an interesting character, slightly unsociable or maybe a little bit on the Aspergers spectrum. Ned is the older brother, always on the look out for Jesse and very protective.


Jesse, Ned and Meg

Once again there are multiple storylines being followed. The first part introduces us to a Dark Web website selling all manner of contraband but it is the abduction and potential selling of a young teenage boy that has raised the priority of this above the normal. Jesse, with his cyber skills, is required to peak the interest of the site’s owner in order to track the whereabouts of this teenager.

A potential switch/handover goes awry and Jesse and his girlfriend Hani are taken captive by the owner of the website, Jan Roth. From here the story expands and deepens as there are more parts to it than it first seems. Exploring regions in Indonesia and Australia it has varied locations, and certainly not what you would expect from a cyber crime oriented show.

The second part furthers the situations introduced in the first and expands and heightens the seriousness and the impact, developing the characters and allowing them to flourish. Bringing more politics into the story and more passion and emotion than the first, Jesse and Ned are embroiled within the plot and play major parts in advancing the story to it’s exciting conclusion.

The Code is a really good thriller, with good characters and good, in depth storylines it is well worth watching. Plenty of action and tension throughout and not without a good amount of emotion. The ongoing story arc works well throughout the smaller stories, giving the characters involved time to develop.


The Code Season 2 is released on DVD on 7th November



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