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Ok, so I wasn’t actually in a good place when I saw this. A week off work with flu, I needed something to help cheer me up and along came The Good Place. Well it didn’t really come along I kind of stumbled onto it whilst trawling through the numerous Netflix originals that are prevalent on its website.

Starring Kristen Bell (Eleanor), Ted Danson (Michael), William Jackson Harper (Chidi), Jameela Jamil (Tahani), Manny Jacinto (Jianyu/Jason) and D’Arcy Carden (The superb Janet). It starts out as a feel good kind of show, changes a bit but by then you are loving the characters and the way they interact with each other that it doesn’t really matter what went on before. The axis around which the show revolves is the relationship between Eleanor and Chidi, a textbook odd couple, but grows as the show goes on to envelop Tahani and Jason (their next door neighbours), and then Janet (the neighbourhood support AI) and Michael (the neighbourhoods architect, immortal being and general creator) on top. I have to say that Janet was, in the end, my absolute favourite character out of all of them.


This show is both funny and clever with a definite knowing humour. Dropping in philosophical jokes is always going to be a bit niche but it works for the most part. Well acted by all involved and light-hearted enough and never overly serious. I can safely say that I really enjoyed 2 seasons of this show. And at only 20 minutes per episode there’s no good reason not to visit! I wouldn’t say that I can put my finger on what kept me coming back for just another episode but I did. Again and again. It isn’t outright hilarious or overflowing with drama or action but just hit the right spot at the right time.

And, more that anything else, i fell in love with the gorgeous title card (I know it sounds a bit weird). Minimal, flat design and a lush green colour. See for yourself below. What’s not to forking like?



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