The Innkeepers

The Yankee Pedlar Inn, a historic hotel, is closing down. Claire (Sara Paxton) and Luke (Pat Healy) are the young attendants, looking after the few guests that are staying here in it’s last weekend of being open. With both Luke and Claire being supernaturally inquisitive, Luke putting together a website for the history of the hotel including sightings and the spooky, morbid past that it hides and Claire being a willing participant in the investigations after dropping out of college.

The Innkeepers takes a very circuitous route to get to the horror elements, with more banter than building creep. Eventually it does get going after a long build up that doesn’t really provide anything to fear or worry about. That being said there are one or two really good moments that did get a reaction.

Overall this is a decent effort, and my first Ti West directed film, and it is really well made and easy to watch. For me, it could have done with just a bit more building up of fear or worry throughout to give that finale a bit more oomph. Luke, for all the good work he does throughout, mainly sucks all the dread out of the film when he’s on the screen due to his good natured assholery!

Horror Rating:     

Overall Rating:    ½

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