The Magnificent Seven 2

mag7mmr2This latest remake of the classic story has an enigmatic cast list but ultimately fails to make them, and the film, work in the way that Seven Samurai and the original Magnificent Seven do. Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt rightly take centre stage along with Haley Bennett but don’t manage to elevate it above average. For all Antoine Fuqua’s previous action based films. this one lacks the tension of Shooter or the all round great story of Training Day, which is a shame as all the pieces were in the right place to make something of this.

It takes way too long to get going and only really gets interesting in the last half hour when the almighty onslaught takes place, and as exciting as this is it doesn’t make up for the rest of the film.


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2 thoughts on “The Magnificent Seven

  • Jason

    Personally, I like this movie. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of Washing and Pratt (huge fan of Pratt), but I really did enjoy this movie. It was sort of a bit of a “refresher” to a see a western movie in today’s movie lineup, despite the film itself being a remake.

    • Gavin McHugh Post author

      I can’t fault the performances, particularly the 2 leads. And yeah, I’m all for a western, there have been a few more recently, but I couldn’t get on board with it. I wasn’t able to detatch it from the original story and that’s where it fell short for me.