The Pyramid

After seeing that this was on Film4, and having missed the opportunity (if you can call it that!) to see this when it was on Netflix I decided to have a punt and see what this one is like.

So, it didn’t start very well with me mistakingly thinking that this was an Alexandre Aja directed film when in fact he was only a producer (it is directed by Grégory Levasseur, a regular co-writer of Aja‘s, this being his directorial debut). What follows over the next 89 minutes is some of the weakest horror tropes all thrown together in hope of making something decent. As far as the plot goes this is fairly standard stuff: an unfortunate crew are trapped inside a newly discovered hidden pyramid and are picked off one by one by some, unseen-until-the-end, creature (or just extreme bad luck?).

One of the worst things is that this could have all been done so much better if they had played more on the claustrophobic elements of being trapped underground (see The Descent and As Above, So Below as examples of how to use this fear well). The effects, when utilised, were just ok nothing over the top and the actual death scenes were over far too quickly, didn’t do anything really novel or inventive and it was a fairly limited pool of targets.

The Pyramid has all the right elements to create something better than it was but ultimately failed quite miserably.


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