Triangle Review 1

Director: Christopher Smith

Year: 2009

Starring: Melissa George, Joshua McIvor, Michael Dorman, Henry Nixon, Rachael Carpani, Liam Hemsworth

Running Time: 99mins

Triangle is part horror, part thriller and all mind-messingly complicated, if you try to get your head around what is going on.

Jess is the mother of Tommy, a boy who has learning difficulties/autism, and is struggling to cope with the pressure of having to look after someone who requires everything to be just so.

After the initial introduction to Jess and Tommy, and a moment of Jess losing her patience, we see Jess leave the house, get into her car and eventually turn up at the harbour where we meet Victor, Sally, Heather, Downey and Greg. They are all preparing to go out sailing for the day on Greg’s boat. Sally, Downey and Greg are friends from way back, Heather is a friend of Sally (Sally is trying to set her up with Greg), Victor is Greg’s boat hand and Jess is a waitress at the local diner where Greg frequents and has asked her along.

The trip starts off well, all having a nice time until the wind suddenly stops and they are stuck. An imposing weather front is working it’s way towards them and batters the boat, eventually capsizing it and leaving them stranded on the upturned hull. Just when they are wondering what to do next a huge ocean liner, The Aeolus, appears out of the sunshine and they manage to get board. Here is where things get interesting….


The Aeolus

Upon boarding the Aeolus they set about finding the person they saw on deck but this ship is huge. Long, identical looking corridors disappear off into the distance. Multiple floors above and below the main deck just add to the immenseness of this ship. Jess starts to have moments of déjà vu and we get a slow ratcheting of tension and as intrigue gives way to terror as they realise that they are being stalked. It doesn’t take long for the story to unfold as we follow Jess as she tries to survive and escape the ship to get back to her son.

Confused? Probably, but if you aren’t you soon will be!

Without trying to give too much away, the story takes a turn and changes the film from a run-of-the-mill horror story into something far more intelligent. The introduction of time loops gives this film another layer of complexity and add to that predestination and repetition elements makes you wonder how long this has been going on.

Confining the majority of the film to the ship works well in maintaining the tension as there is nowhere to escape to. There are lots of foreshadowing throughout the film, which when reflected back upon or rewatched are quite telling. There are numerous nods to The Shining throughout the film, such as room 237 being used on the ship and the similarity of the Aeolus to The Overlook hotel. But these aren’t forced upon you but are things to notice, nice little homages to a classic film.

At the end of the film you are left with a sense of foreboding and completeness of the story as it fills in some of the earlier gaps. The myths of Sisyphus and Aeolus play a major part in the understanding of what this film was trying to do and I feel that it accomplished that feat in good style, however confusing it may be when trying to pick it apart!

Triangle is a easy to watch horror/thriller with an intelligent story underpinning the whole thing. Melissa George does really well in taking on the main role of Jess.

Rating:     ½

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