Under the Shadow 

Under the Shadow is a fantastic directorial debut from Babak Anvari. It is a slow building, incredibly tense film set in and around 1980’s Tehran, complete with air raid sirens, frequent bombings and all the trappings of a war zone.

Shideh and her daughter Dorsa are left behind in their block of flats when husband and father Iraj is conscripted to the war effort. And of course, this is when things start to get creepy.  With Dorsa falling ill and Shideh suffering from malevolent visions and dreams things begin to fall apart and when they are all alone in the building the happenings get more frequent and more intense.

With some really good jump scares, the best I’ve experienced in a while and with its slow building, creeping dread it works so well. There are similarities to the Babadook and Dark Water but maintains its own identity. Well worth watching.

Rating:     ½

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