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X-Men Apocalypse. Should really be far more about this than what came out. Not that I’m saying that this is a bad film. I enjoyed it, it’s just that someone as powerful as Apocalypse should maybe have done more than try to build a new city/temple.

The re-imagining of the X-Men universe with the original members of the team as youngsters is a nice one, reminds me of the Ultimate X-Men graphic novels that I have read. And it is also nice, as the Studio Exec’s have found, to delve into the beginnings of the popular characters.

Michael Fassbender as Magneto/Erick Lensherr is good as always, although apart from his scene about being found out, he didn’t really get to show his acting chops in this film. James McAvoy as Professor X has a larger role to play and is key to Apocalypse’s plans (not that Apocalypse knows it at the start). I’m still not sure about this version of Professor X. Oscar Isaac (Apocalypse) is a really good actor and I’ve seen him in many films already, and he does well with what he is given but as I said above Apocalypse is much more powerful than he is portrayed here. It is as if he is asked to play him understated, not to use all his powers if he doesn’t have to. I was slightly put off by the only time he gets to grow is in his own head when Professor X is trying to disable him from inside his head. Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) does well ┬ábut comes across as weak/nervous about being in any kind of situation, maybe lacking in belief but eventually comes good in the end (with one of those shoehorned references). Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) seems to be playing this languidly, a bit removed from the crises that unfold and I don’t know if this was directed/scripted or just her take on the character. If there was anywhere near the emotion shown in American Hustle or The Hunger Games then it would have been a completely different Mystique, more involved and more believable. The rest of the characters are bit part, they do a good job for the time they get but it must be hard to shine when there are just so many to share the screen with.

It’s always hard to do a prequel film without having things shoehorned in for the sake of it, and we’ll probably never know who’s idea it is to throw some reference in there but some feel a little contrived. Professor X losing his hair, example 2, example 3.

At last we get to see Wolverine to some actual Wolverine type stuff, i.e. brutally killing some soldiers with no concern for anyone. Why has it taken to this film to actually see the wild animal that he is supposed to be?

No doubt we will get more to bring us up to the first films timeline, but will it do the X-Men stories justice?


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