Bosch Season 2

Amazon Prime, much like Netflix, has been branching out in recent years to make its own content. Whilst some are not quite as good, Bosch continues with solid writing and great performances. Here we have the second season of Bosch starring Titus Welliver as the titular, no-nonsense cop. I have to say that the first season was surprisingly good and Welliver’s character is an interesting one, albeit with the usual crime drama trope of being damaged. We pick back up as he returns to work, with the fall out from the events at the end of season one still effecting Harry’s life and work.

Even with the repercussions of the last season, Harry still has his attitude intact, his bravado is at just the right level but here we see a more sensitive side when things related happen to his family. That is the button to push if you want a reaction but I’m pretty sure than no-one is going to press that button twice.


When US/Armenian Porn producer Tony Allen is killed on his way back home the investigation becomes a sprawling affair including lots of people and lots of different locations. As with any crime drama/thriller there are the usual twists and turns as we go, leading you one way then the other.

The real strength of this show is the performances, in particular from Welliver but also from Jamie Hector as his partner, Jerry Edgar. There is a large supporting cast, lots of familiar faces from the first season, who step up a bit more this season to advance the longer story arcs, particularly the arc involving Bosch’s mother and you get a real feeling that the mystery is slowly being revealed.

It may be more low key than season one and a little bit more procedural in its format with a greater leaning towards action over the investigative work, which I think was a little bit of a mistake. But character wise, it is fantastic: I found myself finishing this second season loving Bosch that little bit more and getting more of a feel for his motivations and his family dynamic.

I seem to really enjoy this show and always wonder why I haven’t watched it sooner. Maybe this time I’ll just keep on going until I reach the end!

Rating:     ½

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