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Bright is nowhere near as bad as had been made out, and the fact that it has been green-lit for a follow up (allegedly) shows that, as can happen, the viewers aren’t all in step with the critics this time. Yes, it is a bit ham-fisted with its dealing of racial issues and inequality of society. The thinly veiled allegory of the orcs being lower class, with no options other than joining a gang and being less intelligent than their more affluent counterparts, the elves, with their pure white skin and their privileged, rich lifestyles was handled just as crassly.

Still if you can look past all that it is a decent action film, it may be a bit clichéd but it does a job. The score is unsubtle in places and the dialogue was just ok, the plot was decent but never really explored it to any depth (which would have helped it somewhat) or to any real satisfaction: So much more could have been said about the lives of the orcs and elves along with some more information about their pasts would have given the developing battle on screen much more impetus and meaning.

Overall Bright was alright.

Rating:     ½

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