jennifer lawrence

Red Sparrow is a continuation of the Cold War efforts from a Russian perspective. The “Sparrows” are mostly young, ex-military operatives who are brought into a new training regime in order to utilise their looks and train them in psycho-sexual techniques to infiltrate and extract information as required. Dominika (Jennifer […]

Red Sparrow

This is a hard film to describe or write about without letting some information out of the bag, plus it should make this a more interesting read! Darren Aronofsky’s mother! is a film that I wasn’t sure what to make of after coming out of the screening. Shock? Awe? Numbness? On […]

mother! (with spoilers) 

X-Men Apocalypse. Should really be far more about this than what came out. Not that I’m saying that this is a bad film. I enjoyed it, it’s just that someone as powerful as Apocalypse should maybe have done more than try to build a new city/temple. The re-imagining of the […]

X-Men Apocalypse