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Bright is nowhere near as bad as had been made out, and the fact that it has been green-lit for a follow up (allegedly) shows that, as can happen, the viewers aren’t all in step with the critics this time. Yes, it is a bit ham-fisted with its dealing of […]


Red Sparrow is a continuation of the Cold War efforts from a Russian perspective. The “Sparrows” are mostly young, ex-military operatives who are brought into a new training regime in order to utilise their looks and train them in psycho-sexual techniques to infiltrate and extract information as required. Dominika (Jennifer […]

Red Sparrow

Knowing nothing about this film is probably the way to get the most out of it. No expectations of what will happen and you will see this film for what it is: A wonderful example of how paranoia and suspense can be used to drive a film.

It Comes at Night

Year of Release: 2016 Director: Jeff Nichols Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller Rating: 12A Jeff Nichols does a good job in keeping this film ticking along albeit at a slower pace than what is normally seen,however, it is let down by committing to neither Sci-fi or Thriller genre totally leaving it in a […]

Midnight Special Review