It is finally here. The season finale, the one where God is being summoned. How exciting! And Annville residents are getting in on it too, sprucing themselves up as everyone knows that you have to look your best when God comes to town…. Countdown to God Throughout the episode we […]

Recap: Preacher Episode 10 – Call and Response

A Legend Is Created This latest episode of Preacher starts with some more backstory from Ratwater; The haggard Cowboy returns to town after finding out his family are dead, caused by the delay of having his horse shot by the rogue preacher of Ratwater, and he is not a happy […]

Recap: Preacher Episode 9 – Finish the Song

This week we start with probably one of the most clear cut flashbacks that we have had. No beating around the bush with this one. The entire Quincannon clan, minus Odin, are in a telecabin going up a mountain in the height of winter to enjoy the skiing. All is […]

Preacher Episode 8 – El Valero

It’s been really nice the last couple of episodes just carrying on exactly where it left off. Makes you feel that you haven’t missed anything, nothing has been skipped. This is particularly important for this episode as at the end of the last episode Jesse told Eugene, via Genesis, to […]

Preacher Episode 7 – He Gone

Finally it gets interesting! Continuing directly from where we left off last week we are back with DeBlanc and Fiore laying it all out for Jesse to hear. To be fair it does all sound a little preposterous, especially the coffee tin home for Genesis. If this is all sounding […]

Preacher Episode 6 – Sundowner

The Old Cowboy backstory is expanded on as he continues along his quest for the vital medicine. Ratwater seems like a real nice place, maybe on a par with Deadwood. We find out that this backstory has a backstory! Personal tragedy for the Cowboy, due to being delayed in his […]

Preacher Episode 5 – South Will Rise Again

Ok, as far as opening scenes go, this was a bit “Am I watching the right show here?”, but then I remembered that I was watching Preacher so pretty much anything can happen! Flashback time! However, not terribly interesting flashbacks this time. Just some of Jesse as a kid, learning […]

Preacher Episode 4 – Monster Swamp

  As a novice to the Preacher comic books I only have a rudimentary knowledge of what this is about and what happens. I am probably likely to be in a similar situation as with Game of Thrones where I read the first book in time for the first season […]

Preacher Episodes 1 & 2 (Pilot & See)