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Final Destination in its purest, original form was really a genre defining film. The idea of Death being sentient, having a design and catching up with the people that have escaped it was both novel and exciting. A school trip to France begins with the party boarding the flight. Alex […]

#MonthOfSpooks – Final Destination

One of the under-the-rader successes of the last few years, at least in my eyes, was Goon: A feel good story about a limited-intelligence security guard who makes it good in the local hockey leagues as an enforcer, a goon, a fighter. A bit slow and actually a bit like […]

Goon: Last of the Enforcers

Think of it like The Waterboy on ice, but with a bit more heart and less crassness. It is certainly a welcome change from Seann William Scott's usual role of idiot and mega-mouth. It is a highly watchable, action-comedy and has a surprising amount of substance.


  In his follow up to the much acclaimed Donnie Darko, director Richard Kelly gave us Southland Tales. The complicated, info-dump to begin with is confusing and once the action begins we are left none the wiser as to what is happening. Multiple plot threads are interwoven throughout the story, […]

Southland Tales