titus welliver

Amazon Prime, much like Netflix, has been branching out in recent years to make its own content. Whilst some are not quite as good, Bosch continues with solid writing and great performances. Here we have the second season of Bosch starring Titus Welliver as the titular, no-nonsense cop. I have […]

Bosch Season 2

It’s a slightly strange decision to not have the big climax, catching the main killer, as the final episode of the season. Makes this episode a bit anti-climatic, anything that happens now is not going to reach the heights of the final meeting of Bosch and David. The chasing and […]

Bosch Episode 10 – Us and Them

The shit has hit the fan. Waits has officially gone to far it seems. Countless male prostitutes violently murdered, yeah ok. Female prostitute murdered for personal effect, that’s pretty bad. Abduct a young mother, the whole world is out to get you! And on New Year’s Eve too. Ain’t timing […]

Bosch Episode 9 – The Magic Castle

More break-throughs in the investigation, well small ones at least! Bosch is just making friends at every turn this week. First he pisses off Eleanor when they get into a fight about Maddie, then later on he has a run in with Brasher, which pretty much signals the end of […]

Bosch Episode 8 – High Low

You are always going to get filler episodes somewhere along the way and this felt like one. No real action, no real developments just a progression towards the finale. Is Bosch closing in on Waits? Well, maybe if he gets something out of the files from the boys home. Has […]

Bosch Episode 7 – Lost Boys

Waits has managed to get himself back into the swing of things with not much bother. To be fair though, I’m not sure anything would bother him too much, especially after the scene in the DIY store. And taunting Bosch by calling him just adds to the insult. Bosch finally […]

Bosch Episode 6 – Donkey’s Years