The Meg

So, Jason “The Stath” Statham against a giant prehistoric shark? It was always going to be a ridiculous film given the premise and the cast and it certainly didn’t let me down: B-Movie sensibilities on a big budget. Being a joint China/US venture means that we get to see somewhere other than the US being attacked by some apocalyptic beast. Which is nice!


When a deep sea rescue requires the hiring of Jonas Taylor, the king of deep sea rescues, to bring back some scientists, including his ex-wife, from a hidden area of sea underneath a sub-zero “cloud” of hydrogen sulfide that has created a natural barrier, you know things are desperate. Jonas doesn’t disappoint as he does his thing but, unfortunately after his rescue something follows them back up into the world at large (yes, I meant that!).

In a surprisingly slow build up, it does take a while to see the titular Megalodon but it doesn’t take its foot off the throttle once the shark has been revealed. The acting and dialogue are solidly in the afterthought category but that isn’t really why you’ve come to see this film! As expected there are numerous nods to Jaws and other nautical films and it is all the better for it. This may be a big budget film but it is squarely targeted at the lower end of the film market. But if you are able to switch off and allow the ridiculousness to wash over you, you are in for a great, fun film.

Rating:     ½

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