Not being an established name, you may not have heard of Stefano Sollima before. He certainly isn’t a prolific film-maker even in his home country of Italy, but he does […]

Stefano Sollima Profile

This, in case you can’t tell from the title, is a violent revenge thriller! Jennifer (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz) is brought by Richard (Kevin Janssens) to his swanky country retreat […]


When two young boys go missing exploring the famously spooky Gonjiam Asylum whilst trying to open the never-been-opened Room 402 (and have recorded it and uploaded it to YouTube) it […]

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

The hopes were high for this one. With an excellent first trailer and a good amount of hype surrounding the film and the performances, I was hoping for a really […]


After the success of their foray into computer-animation in the shape of the Shrek trilogy and Madagascar, DreamWorks Animation in 2008 brought about the introduction of a new kind of hero. A panda. […]

Kung Fu Panda

Ready for a nostalgia trip down memory lane? Except this time it is nostalgia trip to a nostalgia trip: In 1998’s The Wedding Singer we were transported back to the high […]

Looking back at The Wedding Singer

Welcome to a new series of articles based on books that I have read that I feel deserve to be given the adaptation treatment onto the big, or small, screen. […]

Book2Film – Perdido Street Station

Robots take over the world! A fairly common premise to be writing about and this does try to change things around a little bit but ultimately it doesn’t do anything […]

Sea of Rust – C Robert Cargill

With Summer just around the corner and the effects of the early morning sun streaming through the curtains affecting my sleep, how would you fare if the sun never went […]

Insomnia (1998)

Na Hong-jin’s second film The Yellow Sea is an excellent follow up to 2008’s The Chaser. Just like in that previous film we are in the familiar territory of our central character being […]

The Yellow Sea