Get Out is a really clever take on the horror genre, adding the social element and utilising the stigma of racial tensions to heighten the threat whilst at the same time masking it with the overtly pleasant surroundings and overly welcoming crowd.

Get Out

James Mangold has done a great job in converting these characters into something darker, making their world a bit more dangerous, a bit more real and the film is that much better for it.


John Wick: Chapter 2 is bigger in scope and deeper in mythology, it tries to add another layer to this world which, for the most part, succeeds if never quite surpassing the excitement of watching the first film. The action is superb once again and the presence of Keanu's John Wick looms large over all those who are in his way.

John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick is a great update to the action films that were so prevalent in the late 90s but bringing a fresh look, and pushing the envelope of action and style into a new direction. Add this to the mythology and the society of assassins and you have a very compelling and interesting film that you want to see more of.

John Wick

Part middle age romance, part thriller, part tense courtroom drama, Apple Tree Yard does really well to meld these together into something highly watchable.

Apple Tree Yard

Devil Town is a short film written and directed by Nick Barrett and produced by Corporeal Films.

Devil Town

The Deepwater Horizon disaster is the biggest oil spill in US history (estimated 210 million US gallons) and this biopic film by Peter Berg shows some of the goings on before the disaster occurs.

Deepwater Horizon

Hacksaw Ridge is a really good, well made, enthralling and engrossing war movie played out from a different angle.

Hacksaw Ridge

The Imitation Game is a powerful historical film, detailing some of the amazing things that people did in the past to help with the war effort, none more so than this great of mathematicians and puzzle-solvers.

#Film4FilmNite – The Imitation Game