Part middle age romance, part thriller, part tense courtroom drama, Apple Tree Yard does really well to meld these together into something highly watchable.

Apple Tree Yard

Devil Town is a short film written and directed by Nick Barrett and produced by Corporeal Films.

Devil Town

The Deepwater Horizon disaster is the biggest oil spill in US history (estimated 210 million US gallons) and this biopic film by Peter Berg shows some of the goings on before the disaster occurs.

Deepwater Horizon

Hacksaw Ridge is a really good, well made, enthralling and engrossing war movie played out from a different angle.

Hacksaw Ridge

The Imitation Game is a powerful historical film, detailing some of the amazing things that people did in the past to help with the war effort, none more so than this great of mathematicians and puzzle-solvers.

#Film4FilmNite – The Imitation Game

T2 is never going to eclipse the immense impact that Trainspotting had back in 1996 but it is a great addition to this group of characters and their story.

T2 Trainspotting

Eye in the Sky is an intense, narrowly focused dissection of one mission amongst many others but the work put in to bring that intensity across is superbly done.

Eye in the Sky 

Nerve is a really enjoyable, fast paced thrill of a film. Perfect for a night-in with it's simple premise, plenty of action and decent story line.


It is with great thanks that I have been nominated by Tom (Plain Simple Tom) for my First Sunshine Blogger award. Check out his blog and follow him on twitter […]

First Sunshine Blogger Award

Star Wars: Catalyst is my first dip into the Star Wars extended universe of stories, prompted by the cinematic expansion of the canon. If they are going to expand on the […]

Star Wars Catalyst