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Rogue One succeeds in taking the intellectual property from Star Wars and turning it into something more grown up, adding an extra edge to the action in a way that the previous films did not. It adds some gravitas to the backstory of A New Hope, showing what actually happened for them to get the plans in the first place.

Rogue One 

The Guard is an enjoyable journey with a couple of ill-suited lawmen who remarkably attempt to foil the biggest drug smuggling operation that Galway has ever seen.

#Film4FilmNite – The Guard

Modus is adapted by Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe from the novel Frukta inte by Anne Holt and follows a Swedish psychologist and ex-police profiler as she is slowly drawn into a case after a series of murders start to have some implication on her and her family. Inger Johanne Vik (Melinda Kinnaman) has previously […]


Your Name is a wonderful story, and told in such a fantastic way on top of humour and real vested interest in the outcome of the two main characters means that this film stays with you.

Your Name

Netflix's Spectral (2016) is visually appealing but let down by failing to build on a decent premise


Braquo Season 4 is an intense ride with uncompromising scenes of violence and tension. Major Eddy Caplan is still the man behind it all, putting his team ahead of himself, ensuring they remain above the troubles whilst placing all the onus onto his own shoulders for catching the bad guys and dealing with the outcomes.

Braquo S4

Disney's Moana (2016) is wonderful film, great for the kids and adults alike, beautiful animation, great songs and a well thought out story. There is nothing in here not to like, or indeed love.


12 Angry Men is an undoubted classic film. Beginning with the jury leaving the courtroom to deliberate on the verdict, providing the viewer with no details of the trial itself. As the jury settle down in their room it is clear that they are all from different backgrounds with differing […]

12 Angry Men