Daily archives: 14/06/2016

You are always going to get filler episodes somewhere along the way and this felt like one. No real action, no real developments just a progression towards the finale. Is Bosch closing in on Waits? Well, maybe if he gets something out of the files from the boys home. Has […]

Bosch Episode 7 – Lost Boys

X-Men Apocalypse. Should really be far more about this than what came out. Not that I’m saying that this is a bad film. I enjoyed it, it’s just that someone as powerful as Apocalypse should maybe have done more than try to build a new city/temple. The re-imagining of the […]

X-Men Apocalypse

The episode starts with more back story, just like last week, but again it’s only part of the story. We are shown Tulip finding out information for some reason. The person she dealt with hands on her information to an unknown man in a white suit (who is incidentally at […]

Preacher Episode 3 – The Possibilities