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Bright is nowhere near as bad as had been made out, and the fact that it has been green-lit for a follow up (allegedly) shows that, as can happen, the viewers aren’t all in step with the critics this time. Yes, it is a bit ham-fisted with its dealing of […]


After seeing that this was on Film4, and having missed the opportunity (if you can call it that!) to see this when it was on Netflix I decided to have a punt and see what this one is like. So, it didn’t start very well with me mistakingly thinking that […]

The Pyramid

Into the Badlands is almost all about the absolutely amazing fight scenes. The brutal, sword-wielding, blood-splattering, leg-and-arm-breaking, back-flipping battles. Oh, and a little bit of story to go along with it. Then, thankfully, followed by more fighting. Set in a post-apocalyptic land (or at least some kind of disaster has […]

Into The Badlands Season 1

The characters in this updated version Pete’s Dragon are great (and I am including Elliot the dragon as a character), Pete and Elliot are shown to be a well matched pair, Karl Urban is the threat to the dragon and he portrays it well, a small minded guy who sees a […]

Pete’s Dragon

Life follows the Sci-Fi/horror tale of a crew of astronauts who come into contact with an alien cellular life form brought back from an unmanned mission to Mars. Through a series of mishaps and errors of judgement this, originally benign but now very much malevolent, alien organism (dubbed “Calvin”) not […]


It can't be stated that the topic isn't a huge deal in world sport but this feels a little bit amateur in comparison to some of the excellent documentaries that have been made recently. It is definitely worth a watch just for the scope of the revelation that has come out of this investigation.


Badlands, directed by Terrence Malick, tells the story of two youngsters who are drawn together and embark on a mad ride across the country.


This latest remake of the classic story has an enigmatic cast list but ultimately fails to make them, and the film, work in the way that Seven Samurai and the original Magnificent Seven do. Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt rightly take centre stage along with Haley Bennett but don’t manage […]

The Magnificent Seven

With some really good jump scares and with its slow building, creeping dread, Under the Shadow works so well.

Under the Shadow