Game of Thrones – No One

Highlight of this episode is The Hound. Deadpan comedy and great timing in the dispatch of his prey. Best bit of axe wielding I’ve seen in a while! It’s going to be interesting to see where he ends up, and on who’s side.

Meanwhile, his brother, The Mountain (or what was The Mountain), also puts on a show of invincibility and ruthlessness in the decapitation of one of the Faith Militant in defence of Cersei.

Tommen’s statement about the date of the trials for Cersei and Loras is a real stab in the back for Cersei and just shows how far he has been indoctrinated into the Faith. He never was in full control but has chosen the Faith as his guiding light rather than his mother, which I suppose is choosing the lesser of two evils!

Brienne and Jamie rekindle their moments of respect (and compassion?) when she tries to persuade Jamie to let her have the Blackfish and the Tulley army to aid Sansa in her quest for reclaiming the north. However, their purposes are crossed and this plan could not be actioned, eventually her and Pod escaping away down the river. Edmure really is a broken man, no self esteem and no strength of character. Quite a despicable man.

Tyrion is quite happy with himself in re-establishing peace in Meereen, however this is short lived as they are shortly put under attack by the Masters, come to claim back what is theirs. All looks pretty bad until Daenerys drops in on her Dragon, once again to save the day! Hurrah! Well, maybe we should wait and see what happens.

Arya has been looked after and semi-healed by Lady Crane, the actress. However this is short-lived as the Waif find them, ends the actress and so starts an excellent chase scene through the streets. Both girls are giving it everything, leaping and racing. A chase to the death, but whose? Eventually the injuries take their toll on Arya and she is slowing down but she knows where she is going and leads the Waif into her trap and Needle. Arya returns to the House of Black and White to tell Jaqen that she is no longer A Girl but is Arya Stark and is returning home. At last!

No Northern action this week, but is Arya going to get back in time to help Sansa with the reclaiming of Winterfell? Will it happen at all with no Tulley army, where are Sansa and John going to get their attacking force from? With only 2 episodes left before the end of the season will we see the White Walkers again or is that going to be left for next season? We shall have to wait and see!

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