Happy Valley

I had heard good things about this series but I don’t think I was ready for it.

What a wonderful series (mini series really – 6 episodes in each series). Not only is it realistic but it is brutal and refreshing. And all done with the broad northern accent of West Yorkshire, so nice not to be based in the cities and the South.

Sarah Lancashire brilliantly portrays Sgt. Catherine Cawood of the local police force. As is the norm with most police shows there is an element of damage that she has to deal with, in this case it is the loss of her daughter and being left to look after her grandson, estrangement of her son and the issues that surround these event that cause ongoing troubles throughout.
It’s obvious as the series progresses that Sgt. Cawood is a cut above the other bobbies on the beat in her ability to deal with people and situations, and her determination to get things done.

The acting is first rate as is the plot. Surprising turns crop up to keep you on your toes as the investigations continue.

I really can’t praise this series highly enough and with only 6 episodes per series there’s nothing to lose!

Series 1 is available on Netflix UK

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