La Jetée (1962) Review

Director: Chris Marker

This is a short French film about time travel and the effects that it can have. The main protagonist is involved in two instances; one as a young boy who is on the Jetty (La Jetée of the title) at the airport in Orly who witnesses something dramatic, and the other as an adult who has travelled back through time to be there.

This scenario is explored more fully in the film 12 Monkeys and it is obvious that this is where the idea comes from for that film. The intertwining of the boy and adult boy’s life and memories is critical to the working of the story. It is shot as a sequence of static images with a narration over the top and this works well, conveying the story and the feeling, moving along at a good pace.

It is definitely worthwhile watching this short film even if just to see the similarities between it and the newer film.

Rating:     710

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