Life follows the Sci-Fi/horror tale of a crew of astronauts who come into contact with an alien cellular life form brought back from an unmanned mission to Mars. Through a series of mishaps and errors of judgement this, originally benign but now very much malevolent, alien organism (dubbed “Calvin”) not only grows but manages to escape from his containment and also from the locked lab into the International Space Station at large.

Boasting quite a high profile cast including Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson, it could have turned out a lot better with a touch more originality.
Whilst there are a decent number of moments of high tension the film doesn’t quite manage to keep this up, falling back on more common tropes. Alongside there are also some effective jump scares but these dwindle as Calvin grows and his threat is more apparent. One slight redeeming factor I found was the nice touch for the ending, but unfortunately it is a case of too little too late for this one.


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