#MonthOfSpooks – Audition 

Audition starts off like a late 90’s, early 2000’s daytime drama, even the score is light hearted and missing any hint of horror or even thrill which was totally unexpected.

The death of a Japanese man’s wife leaves him to look after his son by himself, time passes and the now teenage son suggests that the father should think about re-marrying. So, as he is part of a film production company he and his colleague set up a fake audition in order to interview and assess the suitability of a large number of women.

All of this eventually disappears as the father, Aoyama, becomes besotted with one woman, Asami. The tone of the film slowly descends into gore and viscera as Asami turns on him, like she has done before, and we are treated to some truly disturbing scenes. Throughout Asami is calculating and manipulative and poor Aoyama (who actually is initially the one in the wrong) is drawn into it, hook line and sinker and gets more than he deserves. Director Takashi Miike really does do this kind of film exceedingly well, when he goes for it he goes all in!

On another note, this is based on the superb book by Ryu Murakami of the same name. Well worth a read, as are his other books!

Horror Rating:     

Overall Rating:     ½

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