#MonthOfSpooks – The Fog

My second John Carpenter film in this years Horror-film-fest was the 1980’s The Fog. Once again Jamie Lee Curtis has teamed up with JC for a low budget horror, although this time she isn’t the lead But low budget doesn’t mean low quality, oh no! From the opening moments, there are some scares that are really well done and the scene is set up superbly by the telling of a campfire ghost story by an old sea-dog. Six original settlers of Antonio Bay conspired and sank a ship of a wealthy man named Blake and stole his gold to build the town and the church. Now, 100 years later, have they come back to exact some revenge.

John Carpenter is a master of this style and type of horror. It is a simple premise but it is done so well; the slow moving fog with a mind of its own, harbouring something malevolent within. And the beauty of this film is that you hardly see in detail those contained in the fog, leaving much more to your imagination than you would find in a modern horror. On top of all this is Carpenter’s score. The synth tones of Halloween as evoked at times and it can feel a little overbearing as the fog moves ever onward but it works, adding to the sense of terror, the building tension of the unknown moving towards its next target…..

Who wouldn’t want to see a film about a pirate curse? Back from the dead to claim their gold or the lives owed to them!

Horror Rating:     

Overall Rating:     ½

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