#MonthOfSpooks – The Wicker Man

Small in scope but thorough, The Wicker Man is about an investigation by an uptight, Christian policeman in the disappearance of a young girl on a remote Scottish island called Summerisle, Unfortunately the locals on the island are fully committed to a Pagan religion that is totally incompatible with Police Sergeant Howie’s faith and beliefs.

Being blanked and actively impeded at every turn by the locals, Howie eventually reaches the Lord of the island, Lord Summerisle (Superbly measured, confident and aloof performance by Christopher Lee), to get some answers, and he gets them. But the answers he gets are too much for the conservative policeman to take. They may make sense but are so alien to Howie that it doesn’t compute with him.

Everyone plays their part in a bigger game that is revealed wonderfully at the end. Great acting, although with some not so great accents at times, fantastic locations and a good story. The only downside would be that it doesn’t quite have the same impact that it might have had when it was released. It might just be me but I feel religious freedom has detracted from the shock that this would have caused 40 years ago.

Horror Rating:      ½

Overall Rating:    

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