Preacher Episode 4 – Monster Swamp

Ok, as far as opening scenes go, this was a bit “Am I watching the right show here?”, but then I remembered that I was watching Preacher so pretty much anything can happen!

Flashback time! However, not terribly interesting flashbacks this time. Just some of Jesse as a kid, learning the Preacher ways from his old man, being made an example of in front of his friends, happy days I guess.

When Cassidy tries to tell Jesse about DeBlanc and Fiore, as expected, it doesn’t go down too well. Or at all. But to be fair, you probably wouldn’t believe a thing that Cassidy tells you anyway. As for those two, they are pretty naive and are going to learn quickly that Cassidy will take them for all they have and get as much as he can and still not deliver what they want. DeBlanc and Fiore are developing nicely. What once appeared like an ordered mission to recapture the entity has now changed into a cover up operation to save their own incompetence getting out and suffering the consequences.

Odin Quincannon is still very strange and always appears disinterested in anything that is going on, like a part of him is missing. He also appears to hold something over everyone in Annville. That might just be his position as the richest and most powerful man but there may be other reasons which we aren’t privy to yet. That may appear in a future flashback, but probably not for a while yet.

Tulip has had enough of the shit from Quincannon’s boys and their lack of empathy for Lacey’s┬ádeath but unfortunately Cassidy, once again, is in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets more than he bargained for with a pretty serious injury requiring a trip to the hospital. Fortunately though, he ends up in the blood storage room in the hospital, where he replenishes himself, but also revealing his true nature to Tulip.

In Jesse’s drive to re-invigorate the church he hatches a master plan to bring back the flock. Basically he persuades (bribes) Odin Quincannon to come to church and, if he doesn’t leave a believer then he gets Jesse’s fathers land. Twinned with a big raffle prize to get a large turnout on the day it puts everything in place for Jesse.

Cometh the day, Jesse starts the sermon well, he’s on form and even blames the congregation for their own failures due to their loss of faith in God. Then he moves in for the defining moment of his plan. He asks Quincannon if he will serve God, when he gets repeatedly rebuffed he uses his divine power to make Quincannon believe (Serve God). However, Preachers use of his power so far has had mixed effect. I somehow don’t think that this is going to end well.

Episode ends with DeBlanc and Fiore in their room, again. Their special phone rings, to their horror. But who is calling?

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