Preacher Episode 8 – El Valero

This week we start with probably one of the most clear cut flashbacks that we have had. No beating around the bush with this one. The entire Quincannon clan, minus Odin, are in a telecabin going up a mountain in the height of winter to enjoy the skiing. All is going well until the cable breaks and they all fall to their death. This obviously has an effect on the younger Odin who breaks. He loses his faith in God and performs his own experiments to see what is going on and where God (or the spirit as he calls it) is. This truly is the trauma that has made him become the man he is today. And speaking of today……

We pitch straight back into the end of last week, QM&P are about to launch an assault on the church in the name of their all powerful leader, Odin, in his quest for the land that he so strongly desires. Unfortunately Jesse is a bit of a handful for the few meatheads that get sent into the church. Jesse does his bit and returns all of the men back to Odin less their guns but with a few extra bruises and injuries.

Jesse looks like he has lost his mojo. The Eugene issue is finally weighing on his mind as it should and he has got to the point where he doesn’t know what else to do. So he prays to God to return Eugene to him. And lo, it happens. Eugene is rescued from Hell, dug his way out when he heard Preacher’s calling. With Eugene back Jesse’s mood has shifted, relief sets in. However, the next few minutes are a bit awkward. Eugene is very calm for someone who has just got back from Hell after being sent there by the man that he is talking to. Jesse gives a pretty rubbish apology to Eugene about the whole “Go to Hell” moment. In his rush of excitement he calls Sheriff Root to tell him that Eugene is back, but then he realises that Eugene isn’t real. It’s all in his head, he made the rescue up and Eugene still isn’t back. Is Preacher losing his mind? With grief? Not so sure about that but it is the culmination of a lot of issues since he got the Genesis power.

It turns out that Jesse isn’t the only one who is distracted and/or stressed. Emily is on edge for some reason, her mind wandering which is strange as she is usually so in control, so measured. It doesn’t help that Miles is not only an arse but is so clearly desperate to be with Emily. Cringe-worthy!

Back to the siege of the church and Donny is leading the charge, civil war style. However, powerful assault rifles were few and far between in those days and Jesse manages to repel the men with some excellent shooting, and not a man killed. Also petrol bombing is a skill that Jesse has mastered in his murky past as he deals with the advancing bulldozer with skill.

Preacher calls for “the agents”, meaning DeBlanc and Fiore. It seems to be that he is ready for Genesis to be removed. Before it happens he asks if it was possible for anyone to be rescued from Hell to which he gets a different answer from each of the angels which is confusing. Is Preacher really going to go through with this? He doesn’t seem sure but then DeBlanc asks him for all the time that he has had the power of Genesis, what good has he done with it? Preacher finally agrees and relaxes and the angels perform the song to extract Genesis and place it into the coffee tin. Surprisingly this works and Jesse is free of it at last. The angels then backtrack on their word to try to rescue Eugene, which appears to make Genesis angry and it bursts out of the tin and back into Jesse again.

Donny turns tail and walks away from the battlefield. He walks all the way to his car, opens the boot, gets on his knees and places his head inside and closes it as best as he can. He then brings his gun inside the boot and seemingly against his head and he shoots. Some good camera work shows his feet slump after the shot.

We then see Jesse cowering in the church, bullet-holes appearing in the wall beside him. This could be the all about assault that could end things. Jesse, swigging from his liquor bottle and shooting through a broken window appears to be ok and managing to hold them off. But someone is sneaking into the church through the back door and up to Jesse and pulls his gun on him. It’s Donny. Jesse tries to tell Donny to lower his gun using his voice-power but it doesn’t work. He tries again and the same thing happens. Has Jesse lost the power after having Genesis removed and re-attached? Actually, no. Donny is just deaf as a door post after shooting near his ears in the confined space of his boot, so all Preacher’s commands are wasted on him. Donny knocks Jesse out and the siege is over.

With the fighting done, Odin sits down with Jesse and gets him to sign the papers to hand over the church. Jesse is wondering what went wrong with his command to “server God”. Odin tells him that he is serving his god, the God of Meat. Odin’s own creation of a higher power after his loss of faith in the real God. The papers are signed and Jesse asks for one more service before Odin tears the church down, an attempt to bring God to justice and get him to talk to the people of Annville after Preacher has failed to save them all.

Finally it is revealed as to why Tulip has been wanting and looking after a dog all episode. She has been playing with the dog and generally being a good owner. But then she leads the dog into a back room and closes the door. Snarling and movement are heard before some violent noises tell the tale that Cassidy is in the room and Tulip has just provided him with a meal in order for Cassidy to heal. Goes to show how much of a bond the two now have after last weeks Jesse debacle.

Preacher is lead away in a police car, away from his family church. A sad ending to his time there.

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