Preacher Episodes 1 & 2 (Pilot & See)


As a novice to the Preacher comic books I only have a rudimentary knowledge of what this is about and what happens. I am probably likely to be in a similar situation as with Game of Thrones where I read the first book in time for the first season to show but then got left behind as the seasons just kept on coming but my reading fell further and further behind. At least with Preacher it should be easier to stay ahead/catch up than with the massive Game of Thrones tomes!

So, starting up I have a good idea of the premise.

Preacher (Jesse Custer) is imbued with the power of a God and finds out that he can do stuff that others can’t. And that’s about the limit of where I’ve got to so far (in the comics anyway). What I am waiting for is what is Preacher actually going to do with his new-found powers? Who is he going to use them on? What obstacles is he going to come up against? All questions that will be answered in time.

In the meantime I am going to enjoy this show! And I am enjoying the show!

It is great to look at. Preacher is decked out in his usual attire, all black, which is in start contrast to the environment of Annville which is arid, dry and exceedingly bright. The introduction of Cassidy was an amazing piece of television. Action, blood and more blood. Oh, and a smidgen of diving out of an air plane. Without a parachute! I have a feeling that Cassidy is going to be interesting to watch, never a dull moment.

The other main character from the comics is Tulip, Jesse’s ex-girlfriend, force of nature and general law-breaker. She arrives in a whirlwind of action and again, you get the feeling that she isn’t going to let Jesse, or the show, get away with being dull.

But this is a show that doesn’t reveal all straight away. Nothing is said as to why/how Cassidy has become how he is, or why he was being hunted. Nothing is said as to how Tulip and Jesse know each other more than they worked together and were involved in the past. And nothing is said about Preacher’s uncanny ability to make someone make a high pitched noise like a “bunny in a bear trap”, although that scene is mighty impressive even if we don’t know how he learnt to do that!

By the end of the first episode Preacher has been empowered by the entity, has been re-invigorated, and has used the entities power, maybe inadvertently, on one of his parishioners, Cassidy has moved in, Tulip is trying to get Preacher to join her on another “job”. So for a pretty steadily paced episode it has managed to pack a lot in there without overwhelming.


Jesse and Cassidy

Episode 2 is again stylishly shot, slow paced but not slow enough to lose you attention but allowing you to take everything in. Preacher has a problem congregant that he attempts to counsel but doesn’t believe that it has worked and this message is repeated throughout this episode, each time giving Preacher more cause for action.

Tulip continues to torment Jesse about doing the “job” whilst making his life harder. We are introduced to some agents, DeBlanc and Fiore, who appear to be tracking the entity that inhabits Preacher. I say introduced but not much is given away about them in fairness other than they have been everywhere that the entity has been. Eventually they believe that they have tracked it down and so begins the task of capturing the escaped entity, which in turn leads to the standout scene from this episode in my opinion between the agents and Cassidy.

Preacher again has cause for using his power, this time on purpose, in an attempt to solve the problem of his wayward congregant. This really is Jesse testing his ability is his to control before he believes that he can use this power for helping people. We leave the episode with Preacher using his “Divine Voice” to, hopefully, help a comatose youngster.

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