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Oats Studios is the place where Neill Blomkamp has decided to place his next work. Oats Studios is described as “We make experimental short films” and with Blomkamp in the scene it is definitely going to be some experimental ideas being thrown around.

Blomkamp’s first output from Oats Studios is the sci-fi short film called Rakka. In Rakka¬†we have a post apocalyptic earth under the thrall of alien invaders. These snake like, 4 armed bipeds and completely in control and have the handy skill of being able to hypnotise humans. Amongst their terraforming (pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, burning forests) the inhabitants of Earth are almost entirely enslaved and under their control.rakka_neill_blomkamp

The narration tells the story of the beginning of the resistance; a boy has been discovered who has been experimented on by the alien race and released again but seems to hold the key to the future survival of the human race.


For a short film the production values are really good, visual effects are well done and the alien creatures are realistic looking and a definite threat. The aesthetic from his previous films is kind of there, running through this short film: run down, gritty, desperate. The dire situation the resistance are in is felt throughout the 20 minute runtime. Well worth the watch!


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