Recap: Preacher Episode 10 – Call and Response

It is finally here. The season finale, the one where God is being summoned. How exciting! And Annville residents are getting in on it too, sprucing themselves up as everyone knows that you have to look your best when God comes to town….

Countdown to God

Throughout the episode we have a countdown interspersed between scenes, letting us know how soon this special moment will be upon us, but there is still much to do before this can happen. Jesse needs to be found but with Tulip on the case it isn’t going to be long before he is tracked down. Tulip has brought back a present for Jesse from her travels, Carlos! She brings things to a head and starts to persuade Jesse that he has to kill Carlos, an argument that rages for quite a while. In an unlikely team up, Donny and Betsy are sheltering Jesse, mainly because Donny has found God after Jesse spared him from blowing his own brains out, which is quite a turn around from the Donny at the start of the season.

The Bank Job

We get a flashback to the actual job that caused all the hassle in the first place with Carlos, Jesse and Tulip in action breaking into a bank. With Tulip and Jesse not taking things too seriously, Carlos gets upset, makes off with some loot and lets a guard loose. And there is another, really good reason that Carlos is the most hated man in the Tulip/Jesse world. It appears that Tulip was pregnant when the bank job was being done and this course of action caused her to lose it. Back in present day, Carlos is about to get done in when he gets a stay of execution. A change of heart and a change of plan results in a fair but serious arse kicking.

Testing the waters

Cassidy has rocked up in jail again and is confronted by Sheriff Root. Is seems that the Sheriff has been researching and keeping an eye on Cassidy and his strange ways for some time and is ready to test his theory out in dramatic fashion, which could also be construed as torture to get information out of Cassidy about Eugene. Cassidy, as is his way, manages to rile the Sheriff up so much that he unloads his gun into him before letting him go, kind of like a parting present!

The Church

After being sneaked back into the church they begin preparing for the arrival of God. The church is full, as you would expect, everyone is there. As Preacher is about to begin, Odin intercedes and gives a speech, putting pressure on Jesse to deliver his promise. After struggling with the Angel Phone, eventually something happens. A darkness is cast over the church and God appears on the video. Now God is quite touchy about being called by man and being asked questions until Preacher steps in and tells it like it is, ‘Sin is winning’, to which God laughs and accepts the call to questions. After placating some people and a clamour for questions Jesse gets to ask some, but he isn’t given the answers that he wanted and grows suspicious of this God who doesn’t seem to know about Eugene or Genesis. Preacher pushes again and claims that he isn’t God to which God gets angry. preacher uses the power of Genesis to make him answer ‘Where is God?’. It turns out that God is missing, no one knows where he is.

preacher god


Jesse, finally getting an answer that he wants turns and leaves the church, which is then torn apart by Odin and his cronies.

The Fallout

After the meeting with ‘God’ there is all kinds of fallout with people having had enough with life, tired of suffering, had enough of persecution, the inevitable let down of there not being a God anymore.

All season long we have been having flashes of the old man with the dials and old machinery and the warnings and danger without ever explaining what it is that he is controlling. Well, now we know. It is part of QM&P, a sludgey mess covering a huge underground area that is providing a ‘Methane-Electro Reactor’ to power the town, the man is controlling the build up and gasses and the like. However, it seems that the man has passed away and it is up to the whore who was there to try to fix the flashing Danger sign. Unfortunately she doesn’t manage it and the whole of Annville gets wiped out.

Road trip


Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip

So, in reflection the first season of Preacher has pretty much lead to the beginning of the comic books where Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy are on a road trip to look for God. Annville being wiped out brings it in line with the comics also, even though the method of destruction is different the end result is the same!

And then we get the introduction of a new threat to Preacher. The Cowboy, known as The Saint of Killers in the comics, is here on Earth. He does away with the wandering Seraphim and only has one thing on his mind….

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