Recap: Preacher Episode 9 – Finish the Song

A Legend Is Created

This latest episode of Preacher starts with some more backstory from Ratwater; The haggard Cowboy returns to town after finding out his family are dead, caused by the delay of having his horse shot by the rogue preacher of Ratwater, and he is not a happy bunny. He stops by a school before entering the bar and after being confronted by the Preacher he empties a sack of severed children’s heads over the floor to much shock, as it should. This define the Cowboy as a ruthless individual with nothing that he wouldn’t do in his quest for retribution on those that be believes have wronged him.

The Cowboy returns
The Cowboy returns

In another scene that is on a par with the Seraphim fight scene of episode 6, the Cowboy begins to slay everyone in the bar, starting with the preacher. People being shot left and right, the lone singer and piano player static in the centre of the shot, tension building on them as the numbers dwindle. All the while you do not see the Cowboy just the effect of his shooting. As the last background character dies he finally comes into view and places his gun against the piano player’s head and doesn’t waste any time doing away with him. So, it is just the singer left. Now he gets a pause just long enough for you to start thinking that he is going to be spared but then you realise it is because the Cowboy is drawing his sword and as the shot tightens to just the singer’s head and shoulders we get the killing blow, decapitating him. Ending in style, if you like that kind of thing!

Back To Annville

Preacher, handcuffed in the back of the police car is being lectured to by Sheriff Root, who still not quite believes that Eugene is in Hell. In a moment of bravado Preacher decides that he has had enough of this and bails out of the car whilst still moving. By the time Sheriff Root stops and gets out, Preacher is gone, nowhere to be seen.

DeBlanc and Fiore
DeBlanc and Fiore

In another moment of absurdity, the angels (DeBlanc and Fiore) walk through some heavy rain to a neon-lit back street Travel Agency. They mention their desire to go South. Further South. Further…… Ok so it’s Hell they want to go to. The travel agent eventually understands their meaning, starts to book the trip and tries to get them to pay a high price (which turns out to be her and 20 mins with Fiore in the back of the office!) but DeBlanc manages to persuade the agent that she is in just as precarious a position as they are and she shouldn’t push her luck. And so, they are all booked and ready to go. Hell, here we come!

But then, they lose their courage and try to figure another way out of actually having to go to Hell. The Angel-Phone, of course! Only now they can’t find it, it’s gone missing. It has been stolen by the Preacher-on-the-run. Sneaky Preacher!

With the impending trip to Hell coming up, the angels check out of their hotel room, which is then discovered to be full of blood and gore and Sheriff Root gets called in. He investigates and finds the quadriplegic Seraphim in the bath of ice, asking to be killed. Sheriff Root duly obliges and, unknown to him, the Seraphim rejuvenates and escapes on her way, probably back onto Jesse’s trail.

In a scene reminiscent of the Breaking Bad roadside pick up of Walter White to go live his new life, DeBlanc and Fiore are met on the side of the road by a minibus to take them to Hell, no baggage allowed.

Tulip And Emily, Cassidy And Jesse

Tulip calls on Emily to help look after Cassidy, feeding him small animals, as Tulip has been banned from buying any more larger ones. Tulip has a job to do, she is going to finish off Carlos but needs Emily to help out. Emily feeds Cassidy a Guinea Pig and manages to sneak a peek at him, and is shocked at what she sees, a semi-burnt Cassidy in a feral mood. It appears that she cannot bear to feed the little fluffy animals to Cassidy anymore so she devises a plan to lure Miles to the house and tricks him into Cassidy’s locked room where he gets fed upon, quite a shocking state of affairs. It appears that Emily is changing from her goody-two-shoes former self into someone with a bit of edge, a bit of bite. This all seems to have come from being rebuffed by Preacher a couple of episodes ago, jarring her back into the real world instead of her perceived dream world with Jesse.

The Happy Couple, back together again!
The Happy Couple, back together again!

Preacher turns up at the house with Cassidy inside. They make friends again after a brief discussion, it appears that Preacher did put Cassidy out after he burst into flames, but not soon enough for Preacher’s liking, and you can trust Cassidy to break the tension with a wise-crack. Preacher shows Cassidy the angel-phone, but laments the need for angel hands to make it work. ‘I can get angel hands, no bother’ says Cassidy, who has a stash of angel parts from his first meeting with DeBlanc and Fiore, all buried in the middle of nowhere.

Highway To Hell

We return to the Cowboy and we are treated to his repeated journey back home to his dead family and back to Ratwater to exercise his revenge upon the residents. This happens over and over, cutting back and forward, faster and faster, shorter clips until we see a door open and DeBlanc and Fiore walk out. Then it dawns on you that this is Hell and the Cowboy has been made to relive this moment over and over for eternity. The angels are here to get the Cowboy to kill Preacher and not to rescue Eugene. Tricksy buggers! DeBlanc does get shot for trying to be too smart, which again shows that the Cowboy isn’t someone to mess with and definitely means business, but Fiore manages to get the request across to the Cowboy before the end of the episode.

Next Week’s Finale?

Is Preacher going to be able to command God to come down and attend his sermon on Sunday?

Is the Cowboy going to turn up and ruin things?

In a surprising Odin free week, I found myself missing the craziness that surrounds his actions but I’m sure that any finale worth it’s salt will include some interaction from the big-little man.

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