Ok, so I wasn’t actually in a good place when I saw this. A week off work with flu, I needed something to help cheer me up and along came The Good Place. Well it didn’t really come along I kind of stumbled onto it whilst trawling through the numerous […]

The Good Place

Alex Garland has been quietly doing some great work for a while now. From screenplays for 28 Days Later, Dredd and Sunshine to his directorial debut in Ex Machina, he has been putting his spin onto lots of decent projects. Annihilation is a (loose) adaptation of Jeff Vandermeer’s novel of […]


Brought to my attention by turning up in Atlantic Screen Connection‘s Films of the Year for 2017 and, having noticed it being on Netflix already, it was a no-brainer to get this watched. Plus it has the word “Dark” in the title, so obviously I’m all for it! What begins […]

Super Dark Times

In only showing you the moments before going on stage to present and unveil his latest creations, this shouldn’t be as exciting and intriguing as it actually is. The premise sounds pretty lame but thankfully, due to the superb acting and a thoroughly good script, it works. And it works […]

Steve Jobs

When Jesse (Carla Gugino) and Gerald (Bruce Greenwood) take off to their cottage in the woods they are going there in an attempt to rekindle their seemingly failing marriage. Things seem almost perfect as they arrive at the idyllic location and they move pretty swiftly into the bedroom and Jesse […]

#MonthOfSpooks – Gerald’s Game

This first season of Mindhunter is absolutely superb. The pace and the context might not sound gripping at first but it most definitely is. Sometimes a topic or series will just work, and for me this definitely worked. Created and written by Joe Penhall (who wrote the screenplays for The […]

MindHunter Season 1

It can't be stated that the topic isn't a huge deal in world sport but this feels a little bit amateur in comparison to some of the excellent documentaries that have been made recently. It is definitely worth a watch just for the scope of the revelation that has come out of this investigation.


Netflix's Original program Last Chance U was one of my favourite shows from last year. Th superb first season drew me in totally out of the blue it hit me hard. But it wasn't just the action of Junior US College Football that worked so well, it was the insight into the coaches and myriad of support staff that were working their asses off to get these guys back on track, whilst at the same time use their talents to further the schools name.

Last Chance U Season 2

The Mirando Corporation, in an attempt to rebrand, or consign their previous nasty image to history, replace their CEO with Lucy Mirando, sister of previous controversial CEO Nancy. Their latest plan is to show off a new breed of super-pig, of which 26 have been distributed around the world, and […]


Netflix's Spectral (2016) is visually appealing but let down by failing to build on a decent premise