The Tick Pilot Review

The animated Tick show that was broadcast between 1994 and 1996. It was weird and wonderful. The show has been chosen for a pilot on Amazon’s new Pilot Season.


The Tick

The original show revolved around The Tick (the muscle), his side-kick Arthur (the brains) and their ragtag bunch of superhero misfits as they fight crime across the City, wherever it may appear. The Tick is a great big blue guy with a strange way of explaining things, a strange way of speaking that is definitely distinctive. Full of energy and gusto he is the complete opposite of Arthur who is thoughtful and hesitant.


Arthur and The Tick

In this new live-action show we are introduced to Arthur (Griffin Newman) as a paranoid, meek person who is searching for the existence of The Terror, a villain who destroyed a great many of the superheros before being vanquished by Superian (but without concrete proof of his demise….). Arthur may be delusional or just may be onto something, we are yet to find out, but as he follows his instincts he crosses paths with The Tick (played by Peter Serafinowicz). An unlikely friendship is forced upon Arthur as The Tick invades his life, seemingly unaware of personal space or consequences, and sets up the future of this show.

the terror

Young Arthur and The Terror

Reflecting on this, Arthur seems well cast but The Tick doesn’t seem as large as he could have been, but I’m sure Serafinowicz will make him larger than life. It feels well made and well thought out and putting in a major villain (played by Jackie Earle Haley) will add some depth to this show. I hope this gets made as it will be a good bit of light entertainment amongst my many other hard hitting and heavy going shows.

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